<May 3, 2009>

Fuselage Assembly Day 4

We are headed up to Lake Tahoe for a few days later in the week, but I really wanted to get a bit more done before we left so I made one final push to get all the solo work done. From this point on I'll need a helper.

I still had some paint mixed up so I decided to paint the corners of the skins where they will be shadowed by the F-684 Gussets. This probably isn't necessary, but as I said I had a little paint left over so why not use it. It was cool in the garage so I brought the skins into the house and put the heater on them to assist with the paint curing.

After an hour or two in the house it was time to cleco them on. More big parts up off the shop floor.

I clecoed the armrests into place and realized that I had missed drilling a hole. Hmmmm, I wonder why this hole doesn't come pre-punched from the factory.

Firewall, longerons and stiffeners installed. I forgot to take a picture of it, but before I clecoed the firewall in place I riveted the F-719 stiffener assemblies to the firewall.

Next I installed all the bulkhead and stiffeners in the baggage area. That's about itů. When I return from my mini-vacation I'll start the fuselage skin riveting.