<May 2, 2009>

Fuselage Assembly Day 3

Back at it again today.

I started by riveting the F-7101 Gear Attach Webs to the F-902 Bulkheads. My poor technique with the angle drill caused one of the holes to be sort of oblong, so I enlarged the hole and used a -5 rivet in that location.

I got out my seatbelt brackets and touched up the trimmed edges with the Van's powdercoat touch up paint.

I then installed the seat belt brackets into the lower fuse, thinking they wouldn't interfere with any of the fuse riveting. 5/16 Update: I was wrong, I should have waited to install these as there were several rivets that were slightly difficult to reach with these installed.

I was able to persuade my wife to help mate the aft and center fuse sections for the last time. It wasn't easy, and it took a few minutes of pushing and pulling, but we got it done.