<April 21, 2009>

Began Dimpling of Side Skins

I can see light at the end of the fuselage prep tunnel and it's not the train!!! I've only got a few tasks left before I can start assembly, and one of them was to dimple the side skins I had deburred weeks, correction… months ago! After carefully studying DWG 28, I marked the holes that shouldn't be dimpled, and at the recommendation of several builders I marked the #30 hole directly above the rear spar slot for dimpling.

I dimpled the interior holes in both skins using the DRDT-2, but since it was late and my wife was headed out of town on business at o-dark-thirty in the morning, I decided to be a nice guy and left the compressor off. I still have to dimple the holes around the perimeter, but that should only take a few minutes.

Here is that #30 hole I mentioned above. The plans call for a universal rivet here, but several builders recommended that I dimple this hole for a flush rivet as the head of a universal rivet has a tendency to interfere with the inboard end of the wing spars. Now I just need to remember to go back and dimple the corresponding hole in the F-715 Seat Ribs.