<February 22, 2009>

Longeron Countersinking

My wrists hurt when the day was over but both longerons are now countersunk.

Looks great! I took the advice of builder Mike Bullock and rubbed the longeron with my Boelube stick prior to countersinking, making sure to get a little bit in each hole. This seemed to make the cutter spin a little easier... good tip Mike! I countersunk the holes along the sides of the longerons as well as the holes for the canopy rails along the top.

It figures, I missed drilling two holes in one longeron. One was for the canopy rail, the other was along the side. To drill the canopy rail hole I just clecoed the canopy rail back into position and match-drilled the longeron.

The other hole was along the side, and since putting the entire fuselage back together to drill one hole wasn't a very attractive solution, I decided to use one longeron to drill the other. This is a little risky, as the hole in the skin might not line up perfectly, but I'll deal with that if ad when the time comes. Fortunately, the undrilled hole was in a section of longeron flat enough that I could compress the two together to ensure proper alignment of the holes. The undrilled hole in question is between the two right clecos and this picture was taken before I compressed the two longerons together for match-drilling.