<February 21, 2009>

Deburred Longerons

Another day in the shop... feels great!

I spent a fair amount of time today cleaning and organizing the garage, and now I can finally see the floor once again!

The longerons had some pretty big burrs on them so I used a Roloc (Scotchbrite) disc in my die-grinder to knock off the big stuff first.

I've received a few emails from members of the Sonoma fan club asking where and how she has been. I had the garage door open for a bit and she took her normal position in the driveway, so she got her picture taken. We've gotta keep your fans happy.

After several months away I am still playing catch-up a bit. Before heading in for the day, I studied the plans for a while and color coded areas of rivets where countersinking or dimpling isn't required.