<July 8, 2008>

A Decision is Made!

After over a year of consternation, I have finally come to a decision on which interior paint color I will use. I was certain that I would be using Sherwin Williams JetFlex, I just wasn't sure which color. Well with the fuselage going together soon (hopefully) I finally made a choice… Pepperdust! I am going to order a quart of the water-reducible format and see how it goes.

In addition to ordering the interior paint, we heard on VAF this week that EMP.AV, the company that makes the stainless steel heater valves is going out of business. In order to get the valve I wanted before they are all gone, I purchased the cabin side model from Avery Tools.

Pepperdust is sort of a gray-beige and is the third color down in the right column. Go ahead, laugh all you want.