<July 6, 2008>

More Fuselage Stuff

I wasn’t really happy with the edge distances on the bottom flanges of the F-724 Bulkheads, so today I set out to fix them. From what I understand this is a fairly common problem in this area.

I started by cutting of the bottom flange, and fabricating new ones which will rivet to the web of the bulkhead.

While I was messing with the 724s, I enlarged the holes for static pressure tubing, and drilled the top flanges to the longerons.

I then drilled my new bottom flanges to the skin and corner ribs, but this time I capture three rivets not two.

With my new flanges installed and drilled, I trimmed and drilled all the baggage covers to the structure.

You might recall that I couldn't get my angle drill in close enough to drill the far aft floor stiffener to cover support ribs, so I came up with the idea of using a long drill bit with the floor removed. This worked OK, just OK. The holes are a tiny bit sloppy, but still acceptable.