<June 27, 2008>

More Rudder Pedals

My wife and daughter are out of town visiting friends for the weekend, leaving me at home with Sonoma (the dog). I've got a few errands to run, but other than that it's going to be an all RV weekend. I have a long list of things to accomplish, and I think I can get it all done before they arrive home on Sunday.

My new F-6118 Ruder Pedal Brace came in from Van's the other day, so I ready to go. I started by trimming it, and drilling the necessary rivet holes.

After drawing centerlines down the brace and bearing block, I clamped the two parts together, then clamped the brace to the firewall angle.

I found that the bearing block was sitting very close to the welds on the rudder pedal assemblies, so I moved it inboard 1/16" or so (away from the pilot's pedals).

I drilled the bearing block to the brace, and bolted them together temporarily. With the two bolted together, I then used my angle drill to drill the holes in the firewall angle through the holes in the brace.

With the brace now clecoed to the firewall angle, I removed the bolts holding the bearing blocks to the brace and stiffeners, and slid the rudder pedal assembly aft, stopping at each mounting position to drill the holes in the brace. When it was all done, here is what I was left with… perfect!

I took about 1-1/4" off the aft end of the brace and used the fly-cutter and drill press to cut the optional lightening holes.

In preparation for fitting the rudder pedals, I reinstalled the brace and then using some scrap angle, clamped the rudder pedal assemblies in alignment with each other.

I then clamped the rudder pedals to each other using some scrap aluminum stock, and installed the master cyclinders.

Using the tool I made the other day, I scratched the mounting location of the master cyclinders onto the rudder pedals. I then removed the rudder pedals (again) and drilled #12 holes in the rudder pedals when I had just marked.

After reinstalling the rudder pedals again (what a PITA), I mounted bolted the master cylinders to the pedals. It looks pretty cool when it is all assembled. It was late, so I called it quits here and I will pick up here tomorrow.