<June 19, 2008>

Riveted Rudder Pedals

It's been months since I've riveted anything so tonight felt good.

First I disassembled, labeled and deburred all the rudder pedal parts. I then countersunk the aft face of the pedals (where your feet go) and the top four holes in the side plates. The bottom hole of the side plates get enlarged to 3/16", so you don't want to countersink that holes.

All riveted. Once riveted, I enlarged the two holes in the side plate/angles to 3/16" for the AN3 mounting bolts.

I was about to turn in for the evening, but instead I decided to get one more thing done, so I drilled the bolt holes in the F-6115 and F-6116 Rudder Bearing Blocks. I marked the locations of the holes, per the plans, and clamped the blocks between some scrap angle and clamped the assembly to the drill press table for drilling with a #10 bit.

Once the blocks were drilled I cut the F-6115 Center Bearing Block in two per the plans.