<May 4, 2008>

Fabricated F-796Cs & F-796Ds

More forward fuselage work today.

Just like the other day, I fabricated a shim from .032 to go between the F-7101 and F-902 Bulkhead.

I then clamped and clecoed my lower longerons into position, and got ready to drill them to the bottom flange of the F-902 bulkheads. To do this I made a small paper template in the shape of the F-902 flange and transferred it to the longeron. If I had to do this again, would wait until the F-796Bs are fabricated and mounted before drilling this hole.

Hole drilled… what more can I say?

Looks good from this angle too with all the edge distances adequate.

I then got out the raw material and fabricated the F-796C and F-796D Spacers. After this pircture was taken, drilled one of the #40 holes in the spacers as prescribed. Again, if I had to do this again, I would have waited to drill this hole. Read my May 18th log entry to find out why.