<April 19, 2008>

Drill F-684 Gussets to Fuse

Shock, disbelief, denial, disappointment... all feelings that I had when I sat down to write the content for this page (on 5/9). Why? I put in only one day's work on the RV in the entire month of April. Sigh. While I haven't been able to work on the plane as much as I would like, I have been flying fairly regularly, and a large portion of my free time has been devoted towards studying to prepare for my lessons, so I guess I really can't complain that much.

With the one day of work I was able to put in, I set out to drill the F-684 Gussets to the fuselage.

I removed clecos from the skin/firewall/stiffeners so that I could get a better sense for the alignment of the F-684 along the firewall angle.

With the gusset clamped loosely in place, I traced the edge of the Firewall Angle onto the Gusset to mark its position on the gusset. I also traced the bottom edge (top in picture) of the gusset onto the Firewall Bracket. The line along the firewall angle is hard to see, and the line bracket hadn't yet been drawn when I took the picture.

With the gusset removed, here is where the Firewall Angle overlapped. The alignment is pretty good, but could probably use a little adjustment.

Here's the line on the Firewall Bracket. The alignment here looks good.

Using the lines as guides, I clamped the Gusset back into place making only a tiny adjustment to its position. I used some scrap wood to hold the skin away from the fuse so that I could drill the Firewall Angle through the Gusset.

I used a stubby (1') #30 bit in my angle drill for this job.

So far so good. I put the bottom three clecos in from the back side as there wasn't a lot of room between the Gussets and the peeled back skins. Stubby clecos would have worked better here , but I don't have any.

With the Gussets firmly clecoed to the Firewall Angle, I then drilled the holes in the Gussets through the Stiffeners and Firewall Brackets. Again, these were drilled from the outside using the angle-drill attachment. A

With both gussets installed, I clecoed and clamped the F-7101 Gear Attach Webs into position and drilled the top (bottom in pic) holes through the stiffeners. The fit is snug here so its very important to round the top and bottom edges of the F-7101s so they fit properly inside the longerons and stiffeners.