<March 16, 2008>

Completed F-719 Stiffener

I was supposed to go flying this afternoon, but it was just too gusty for instrument work, so I got shop time instead. Not a bad tradeoff, so I used the time to finish up the F-719s.

This is why I didn't drill the vertical flanges of the F-719Bs. If I had, how was I supposed to drill the firewall angles through them without removing the skins, and possibly screwing up the alignment in the process? My plan was to drill the F-601B Firewall Angle and F-719B Angle Clip together, so I marked the location for the hole on the firewall angle. I figured that this way if I screwed up the Angle Clips, so what, I could remake them. On the other hand, if I screwed up the Firewall Angle, I would be in deep doo-doo. This method would ensure I didn't do that, or so I hope.

My somewhat fat angle drill attachment has let me down in the past by not allowing me to get close enough into a corner, but this time it worked out perfectly.

I used my center punch to mark the spot and carefully drilled the hole in both the angle and clip. I say carefully because if you bust out the back of the clip you could put a hole in the side skin. Fortunately that didn't happen.

Perfection! The other side didn't come out as good with the hole offset about 1/32" aft, but I am not going to loose sleep over it.

Out came the handy chop saw to cut the stock used for the F-717 Lower Longerons. I finished them to final size on the disc sander.

Uh-oh! When I laid the two lower longerons on the bench next to one another I noticed that one of them doesn't line up with the other. It turns out that the angle stock was damaged, perhaps in shipping, but I didn't catch it until now. I'll have to look into this.