<March 15, 2008>

Auxillary Longerons & Stiffeners

Back at the forward fuse. I probably shouldn’t say this, but so far the fit of everything has been pretty good. I sure I hope I don’t regret saying that.

First order of business was to drill the side skin/longeron to WD-602 Engine Mount Bracket holes. With the brackets clamped firmly in place, this was fairly quick work.

Looks good from in here.

Next on the list was the F-713 Auxiliary Longerons. Before drilling them I trimmed the aft end flush with the front of the F-704 bulkhead, and I gave the forward end a bit of a twist to help it conform to the shape of the fuse. Then it was clamp and drill.

I then fabricated the F-719B Angle Clips per the plans. I drilled the two holes in the larger flanges, but I left the smaller flange undrilled for now. You'll see why soon.

After test fitting the F-719 Forward Skin Stiffeners, which also needed a bit of trimming, I made sure the F-719Bs fit between the skin and the F-601B Firewall Stiffeners. I then removed both the F-719s and F-719Bs clamped them together on the bench, aligning the outside edge, and drilled the stiffener using the Angle Clips as a guide. Oh yea, I also made sure the F-719B Angle Clips stuck out 5/8" past the end of the F-719 Stiffeners. This worked well, but only because I was able to trim the F-719 Stiffeners to the exact length.

My plan worked, and everything fit perfectly on both sides. It was late and I was tired, so I figured this was a good place to stop.