<February 24, 2008>

Completed Longeron Drilling & Clamped Firewall

Like I said yesterday, I am not stopping, just slowing a bit. With that in mind it was time to finish off the longerons.

I have no idea why van's has you cut the longerons to such exacting dimensions early on, when they tell you to trim them to within X of the edge of the side skins. My point is this, if you are going to trim them later, why do you have to cut them to within 1/32"? Ok, I'll stop ranting. I marked the longerons per the plans, bent back the side skins (gently) and trimmed them to length.

Next it was clamp and drill. Nothing complicated about that.

The instructions tell you to make the F-704L Attach Strips from .063, although the plans show them as F-904Ls, whatever. I couldn't find any scrap .063 but I came across these little strips in Bag #1982. I have no idea if I am supposed to use these for the F-704Ls, but that's exactly what I am going to do, and if I am wrong I will deal with the consequences later.

After trimming them to the prescribed dimensions I clamped and drilled, which seems to be the theme for the night.

With the F-704Ls installed I marked a centerline along the bottom firewall angle, got out the F-772 Forward Bottom Skin and clecoed and clamped it in place.