<February 17, 2008>

Conical Bend #2 & Longeron Drilling

Onto the 2nd conical bend. I did this one pretty much just like I did the first and it came out equally as well.

First, I drew a line where I wanted the bend.

I had to fabricate another piece of scrap angle for this side. I was easy as I was able to use the first angle as a guide to drill the second.

It looks OK so far. I tweaked it a bit more after this picture was take, and the curve looked alot smoother by the time I was done.

This is as good as its gonna get.

Next I installed the little F-623A and F-623B Attach Staps. I had to take the baggage floors out to install them, but if I had only read ahead in the directions to know this was coming I could have installed them before I had reinstalled the side skins.

Next, I clamped the longeron even with the edge of the skins and got out my drill. Since this was a going to be a lot of drilling through the relatively thick longeron, I chucked a new bit into the drill. Oops, I forgot to reinstall the baggage floors.

I made a slight boo-boo when drilling the longerons by forgeting to remove the F-705G Angle from the F-705 Bulkhead assembly. Here you can see where the drill bit gouged the angle a bit. The marks are very shallow so it's no big deal, but I'll have to smooth them out. Do yourself a favor and remember to remove the angles before you drill.