<February 9, 2008>

I'm Not Dead Yet

In the famous words from the Monty Python movie, "I'm not dead yet." Ok, so January didn't quite work out as I had hoped, with too much other stuff going on and no free time to get into the shop. First we had my daughter's big 1st birthday bash, then I got sick, then I had my dad and his side of the family show up for a visit, and then I got sick... AGAIN! <SEINFELD VOICE>What's up with that?</SEINFELD VOICE> The family is all gone and I am feeling much better now, and with all this behind me now (I hope) I am looking forward to getting back to work in the shop. Thank you to those of you who emailed asking if I was OK.

Rather than dive right back in, I had a small task to take care of; I needed to test the strobe power supply I bought from a private party on VAF. It required testing simply because the guy I bought it from wanted me to check it all out before I paid him. It was brand new so my expectation was that it would work just fine, but I thought was real cool of him not to want payment until I was sure. Now I have no more excuses, I have to write a check.

Here's the XPAK-604HR I bought, which is normally sold by GS-Air. They take a Nova XPAK-604 that is intended for emergency vehicle use and adapt it for aviation use. The HR stands for "Half Rate" to signify that the flash rate has been cut in half to meet the 40-100 flash per minute aviation requirement. If you were to use an off the shelf emergecy vehicle unit, the flash rate would exceed the limit.
I hooked it all up and took this video. Due to technical issues beyond my comprehension, the camera wouldn't capture the flashes perfectly, but you'll still get the point. I have it in flash pattern #1 which is quad-flash mode, so that is FLASH-FLASH-FLASH-FLASH on one, then FLASH-FLASH-FLASH-FLASH on the other. I am not sure if this is how I will have it configured eventually, but it is good enough for the test.

Once all the testing was complete I then spent a little time cleaning up the shop and getting organized for the next steps of the fuse. I had to order an additional 100 1/8" clecos and I forgot they had been delivered a few weeks ago. Into the bin they went.