<January 8, 2008>

Mated Fuselage Sections

A very cool day in the shop today. I mated the tail and center sections, and it is official, it is now LARGE! I had my father-in-laws help, which was good because I don't see how you could do this with just one person. This wasn't as tough as I thought it would be. Sure it took a while to get the sawhorses situated and the center section ready, but actually clecoeing them together wasn't bad at all.

I didn't take any photos of the process, but after we flipped the tail section, I installed the longerons (the fit perfectly). I then set up a temporary support for the F-705 bulkhead and we lifted the center section into place. I removed the baggage floors to assist me in the alignment process, then it was just a simple matter of a little pulling and tugging to get thing aligned and clecoed. The clamps are there just to make sure nothing slips off the sawhorse.

From the other side. This thing is BIG!

It was late and I was tired, but I was so excited to be at this point I couldn't resist clecoing one of the side skins in place.

Check this out. The downward bend in the longeron follows the profile of the side skin EXACTLY! Finally, I did something right!