<January 5, 2008>

Drilled F-715 Seat Ribs

With the F-715 Seat Ribs fluted to add the proper bow, it was time to drill them to the center section.

I had forgotten to drill these holes last night, so I knocked that out first.

I needed another set of hand to assist me in moving the center section off the bench and onto the floor. While I waited for help to arrive I did something I've been meaning to do for a while, I replaced an againg feeder hose on the compressor. As you can see it was cracked and split use and age. Fortunately I had a replacement 3' hose laying around.

Before drilling the ribs to the skin, I enlarge the holes in the aft flange to 3/16". I thought this would be a good way to ensure that these holes ended up with the proper edge-distance.

I then clecoed and clamped the rib into place for drilling. Here you can see a 3/16" cleco in the hole I just enlarged.

Then it was a simple matter of drilling along the lines I had marked yesterday. Easy-peasy!

I then drilled the holes in the forward flange of seat ribs through the F-704H Side Plate and F-704 Bulkhead.

One more thing I have been meaning to do, but putting off is to enlarge the hole in the forward seat floor so that the buckle on the Hooker Harness system can pass through it. I started by taking some measurements and marking the floors.

I used the carbide cutter in my Dremel tool to make the first rough cut, and followed it with the small sanding drum, also in the Dremel. A little bit of filing, and a few passes with some emory cloth followed by Scotchbrite and the edges were smooth.

I clecoed the floors back on and I think I am almost ready to mate the fuselage sections. I have to notch the longerons, but after than I think I'm ready. Oh yea, I almost forgot, I still have to flute the top flanges of the F-715 Seat Ribs, but I'll take care of that tomorrow.