<January 2, 2008>

Clecod Floors

As the title says, I clecoed the floors into place tonight. Once they were clecoed, they were drilled to the ribs. Hmmmm, what more can I say?

Before I clecoed the floors, I installed the bolts that attach the Seat Ribs to the F-704 Bulkhead. I guess Vans has you use bolts here because the bulkhead is too thick for rivets in these spots. I had to ream out two of the holes to get the bolts thought, but all the others went in just fine. After everything was torqued, I gave all the lock nuts a bit of inspection lacquer.

Here they are, the forward and aft seat floors as well as the baggage floors clecoed into place. Exciting huh? Next I drilled.

It was at this point that I noticed that I had made a mistake. Remember back on December 16th, when I riveted the nutplates to the baggage ribs. Well, it turns out you aren't supposed do that yet because the baggage floors get riveted to the ribs, and nutplates. D'oh! Oh well, not a big deal. In fact, if I were making my baggage floors removeable, and I'm not, this might be the right way to get that done.