<January 1, 2008>

Riveted F-776 Center Bottom Skin

Happy New Year! I was very pleasantly surprised today when my buddy Jeff said he had a few hours he could give to help me rivet the F-776 Center Bottom Skin. I quickly rearranged my day so that I could take advantage of his gracious offer. There really isnít too much difficult about this riveting job, other than the fact that one person has to crawl around under the upside down center section. I only had to drill out one rivet, so I would call today a big success.

Hereís Jeff. I made him do the crawling. Nice huh? To provide some support, I clamped the aft edge of the skin to a piece of wood screwed to the workbench.

All done, no smiles or dings. There are still a few rivets left to set, but those get set once other parts are added or the fuselage sections are mated.