<December 30, 2007>

Riveted Baggage Ribs to F-705 Bulkhead

Today’s log entry is slightly incorrect in that the riveting of the baggage ribs to the F-705 Bulkhead and seat ribs was accomplished a little bit at a time over the past few days. With family visiting for the holidays, as time permitted I’ve been running out to the shop for 15 to 30 minutes at a time to set a few rivets. So today’s entry is really the end result of a few days worth of work, and as such the order of the page is going to be slightly wacky. By using a combination of yokes, I was able to squeeze all the Baggage Rib / F-705 Bulkhead / Seat Rib rivets, without issue. OK I admit, one started tipping, and I had to remove and replace one rivet, but I caught it early and it came out without issue.

Once the baggage ribs were riveted, I installed the F-716B Seat Rib Access Plates. If you recall from prior entries, I made four of these rather than two. This is a fairly common modification and will allow me to remove the entire control column in one piece.

Here I am! My father-in-law was hanging out with me in the shop so I had him take a picture of me. What a dork!

Here is what I have at this point. I had to flex some of the baggage ribs a bit to rivet them, but it worked out nicely.

In riveting the baggage ribs, the hardest rivet to set was the top rivet on the outboard ribs (F-725). I bent the top flange of the seat rib out of the way a bit to get better access to this rivet and that seemed to do the trick.

I moved the workbench out of the way and got the center section skeleton ready to receive the skin.

Here’s the F-776 Center Bottom Skin clecoed into place. Now for the hard part; finding someone to help me rivet this thing.