<December 26, 2007>

Riveted Seat Ribs to F-704 Bulkhead

Holy cow, itís been over a week since my last post. All the holiday parties, shopping and family stuff has really been keeping me busy. Now that I am back in the shop, It sure is great to finally be riveting stuff together. Today I took on the task of riveting the Seat Ribs to the F-704B Bulkhead. Overall it was a fairly easy job that I was able to accomplish solo. I used my rivet gun with the double offset rivet set and my tungsten bucking bar. I didnít take too many pictures during the process, but a few of the results.

I debated about whether or not to install the crotch strap brackets to the ribs at this point. If I did it now I could have used solid rivets, but I decided to hold off for now. I want to give them a coat of paint to match the interior, and since I haven't picked a color yet I don't have the paint. The crotch strap anchor kit came with blind rivets, so I will just use them when I go to install the brackets.

All done. No smiles or bad rivetsÖ whooohoooo!

Looks good from here.

And here too. I wish I had something witty or poignant to say, but I donít.