<December 16, 2007>

More Center Section Stuff

Yet another day of center fuselage prep work. The good news is that I think I am finally there. I still have to rivet the nutplates to the crotch-strap brackets, but other than that I think I am finally ready to rivet the center section.

Nutplate time! I installed all the necessary nutplates to the seat and baggage ribs using NAS1097 rivets.

Edit: If you are reading this and thinking of doing the same, don't install the nutplates on the baggage ribs yet. Read my January 2, 2008 page for more info.

Using one of the nutplates as a guide, I drilled the rivet holes in the top of the crotch-strap brackets.

My father-in-law helped by deburring the bottom (exterior) side of the bottom skin and after they were cleaned, I hit it and the crotch strap brackets with some primer.

While the parts were drying I got out my drill and enlarged the two holes in the F-704B bulkhead that I had forgotten to enlarge earlier. The holes come from the factory 3/16" and they need to be enlarged to " to fit the AN4 bolt that connects the two bulkhead halves by way of a spacer. To enlarge these holes, I first drilled the holes with a 7/32" drill but, followed by my " reamer. This produced the smoothest results. While the plans indicated I would also have to enlarge the corresponding holes in the F-704A bulkhead, I found they were already the correct size. That's cool, less drilling for me.

I did a trial fit and I am happy to say it all fits just fine.