<December 12, 2007>

Deburring & Dimpling

Will it ever end? This center fuselage never seems to come to an end, there are so many little things to do. I made a list, but I always seem to forget one or two. Tonight was another one of those nights where I did a lot of random small stuff. The good news is, I think I am getting towards the end.

I wish I hadn't taken the time to torque the control column mounts to the bulkhead as they needed to come off tonight so that I could dimple the bottom flange.

The dimples look OK from the outside but as the instructions say I will probably clean them up with a few turns of the deburring bit. I have no idea why I am talking about the outside of the dimple when I've posted a picture of the inside. Oh well, it's my web site and I can do whatever I want.

For the forward bulkhead I put clecos into the 4 holes that shouldn't be dimpled. This way I can't accidentally dimple them. These are the 4 holes where the floor stiffeners attach and the skin and the bulkhead are countersunk.

While I was doing the dimpling I had my father-in-law deburr the interior side of the bottom skin. I then did the edge-finishing and scuffed up the top side in preparation for priming. I am priming this skin simply because it is riveted to the fuselage and will be hard to get to inspect.