<December 4, 2007>

Trimmed Seat Belt Anchors

Before the center section takes shape I figured it would be good to trim my seat belt anchors now while access to the F-705 bulkhead is still good. I drilled the holes for in my seat belt anchors back in July, and it is now December and I just now trimming them. I can't believe it has taken me this long to get to this point.

I clecoed the seat ribs in place and got to trimming. The first one came out great, only 3 more to trim.

For the two interior anchors I got a bit smarter. I taped the bulkhead so I could write on it, after all I couldn't have marker on my nice clean primed bulkhead. I then clecoed the little F-91CC Spacer into position (not pictured) and marked a line at its edge. I could then put the anchor into position and mark it using the line I had just drawn on the bulkhead.

A few minutes on the sander and it is perfect. I then repeated the process with the other two anchors. Before I install them I am going to touch-up the powdercoat along the sanded edges, but that can wait until the center section is riveted.

With the anchors complete and stored away, I turned my attention towards the F-661EF Flap Bearings Blocks. I found that the two blocks were off somewhat dimensionally from each other, so I set out to fix the problem before I marked and drilled them. The problem was that the holes in the blocks were each at different distances from the edges of the blocks. If you look closely here, you might be able to see that the hole on the left is higher (relative) to the picture than the hole on the right, and this is after I sanded about 1/32" from the bottom of the left block. It was late, and I think it is good enough so I called it quits here.