<November 18, 2007>

Began Crotch Strap Brackets

With the center section now disassembled it occurred to me that now would be a good time to fit the crotch strap brackets. I had bought the kit from Van's a few months ago. It is only needed if you are going to use 5-point harnesses, which is exactly what I plan on doing.

Before I started in on the crotch strap brackets, I took care of another small task. I needed to trim the flanges of the baggage and seat ribs to make room for the snap bushings that pass through the F-705 Bulkhead. I had previously marked the locations of the holes when the ribs were clecoed to the bulkhead, so I got out the Dremel with a carbide cutter to make the first pass.

I then used a sanding drum in the Dremel to smooth it out. I checked the fit against the F-705 and they were perfect.

Onto the crotch strap brackets. Rather than use my brain, I decided to cheat and just follow Mike Bullock's lead here. After marking a line that oriented with the center of the nutplate hole in the top of the seat rib, I drew a line 7/32" forward of that line and another 3/32" aft. This will give me the 5/16" spacing required for the bushing of the Hooker Harness I plan on using. Don't worry, like Mike, I will go into more detail on the second bracket, you'll just have to read on (that was a hint that you really need to look ahead in my log).

Once both ribs were marked the same way, I clecoed them back to the bulkhead, clecoed on the Forward Seat Floors, and positioned and clamped the brackets in preparation for drilling. Like Mike, I used a 5/16" wood spacer to set the distance between the brackets. Actually, this was Mike's spacer, and I put it in place prior to drilling any of the holes to test the fit of all the pieces before I committed to anything.

Using my 90 drill attachment I drilled the holes in the ribs using the front bracket as a guide. Ok, got to go, I'll pick up here in a day or two.