<November 12, 2007>

Drilling & Deburring Center Section

With work on the aft fuse complete, I turned my attention back to the Center Section. Today was just a collection of miscellaneous tasks, but they all needed to get done.

First thing remove the bolts and spacers holding the halves of the F-704 bulkhead together.

With the bulkhead halves separated, I could then had access to be able to drill the bolt holes in the seat ribs by using the aft F-704 bulkhead as a guide. While drilling, I held a small piece of wood against the flange of the bulkhead for support.

I then realized that I hadn't drilled the holes in the top flange of the bulkheads that rivet to the taps on the top of the ribs. The plans call for rivets in the F-904, but I think they meant F-704. I still have to countersink the bulkhead flange, but I will do that later.

I almost forgot about this. Remember those holes I countersunk in the bottom skin? I needed to mark those holes in the bottom flange of the F-704 bulkhead as an indication not to dimple them later.

My last random task for the day was to drill the nutplate holes in the seat ribs to a #19. The instructions wanted me to rivet the nutplates to the ribs some time ago, but I've decided to wait.