<November 11, 2007>

Aft Fuselage Riveting - Day 3

The last and final day of aft fuse riveting... for now. I worked solo today, which was fine. The aft fuse tapers down so much that working solo isn't really a problem in this area. Overall, it was a fairly easy day.

To get the bucking bar onto the rivets under the stiffener, I had to remove bolts from the tailwheel mount. I sort of knew that I was going to have to do this so I hadn't applied any torque seal to the bolts prior. Now that the rivets are set and the bolts torqued, I will.

I worked my way from bottom to top, riveting only to the top stiffener. Getting my hands in The access between the F-711 and F-712 bulkheads was a slight challenge, but not that bad.

The tungsten bucking bar make this so easy, and I am very pleased with the way this all came out.

Done for now. I flipped it over when I was done riveting simply for the added stability.