<October 28, 2007>

F-711 to F-779 Riveting

Today I riveted the F-711 to F-779 and installed the tailwheel mount. There were some challenging rivets here, and I ended up drilling out a few and installing two blinds and an Oops rivet. While not perfect, I am pleased with the results overall.

I, like a lot of other builders, had a hard time getting the bucking bar on the rivets under the tailwheel mount. I drilled them out and the replacement rivets weren't much better. In the end I ended up elarging the holes to a #30 and using some Monel blind rivets in those holes.

These were much easier to set than the rivets on the inside, but you can see the Oops rivet on the right (2nd to top). Oh well.

I then installed the keeper rivets through the F-712 bulkhead and tailwheel mount.

Here is what those Monel rivets look like from the outsite. This is at the far bottom of the fuse and I could care less that these are protruding head rivets. Nobody will ever see them.