<October 23, 2007>

Rebuilt F-712 Bulkhead

I received the correct part from Van's yesterday, so today it was back to work on the aft fuselage. However, before I did this, my neighbor Trevor, who is also building a RV-7 came by so that I could help him with a small issue. I am not sure how much help I was, but I tried. After he left I turned my attention to rebuilding the F-712 bulkhead.

I started by edge-finishing the new F-712B, then I reamed out the holes, deburred, dimpled, scuffed, cleaned, primed and then riveted it to the F-712A. Once it was riveted, I bent the flanges on the F-712B to the approximate angle. Van's must have changed the part somewhat as the new one already came with nice rounded corners instead of the sharp corners that were on the original. You can see the difference between the F-712A and B. I had to round the corners on the A (bottom half), while the B (top) came as you see it.

I then clecoed it in place in preparation for drilling the flanges (tabs) on the B. The fit of this parts is notoriously poor, but it didn't seem so bad this time... interesting. It was past my bedtime so I left it clecoed and will pick up here tomorrow.