<October 19, 2007>

More F-716 Rib Stuff

Another great day in the shop today with a whopping 6 hours of effort put in. With my schedule and lifestyle, that's a lot for me. Unfortunately, about half that time was spent deburring ribs, but at least it is done.

After several hours of deburring, edge-finishing, flanging and fluting, here is what I am left with. All that hard work for just this? ;-)

I then gave the access cover thingies a coat of primer. This SEM stuff is da bomb!

I then riveted them together, but had a slight lapse of good judgment in the process. I riveted the nutplates to the rib parts (with NAS1097 rivets) first, when I should have riveted the ribs parts to the access plates first. It didn't cause any harm other than causing slight access issues for riveting, but I was able to get it done without issue.

I then got out the aft F-704 Bulkhead, the F-705 Bulkhead, F-916C Spacers and the Baggage Ribs and started clecoing it all together. This is cool!