<October 18, 2007>

F-916C Spacers & F-716 Ribs

My office is moving today and tomorrow so they gave us both days off (Thursday and Friday). My weekends are usually so busy, so I am hoping I can get a lot done during these two weekdays. Unfortunately, in exchange for today and tomorrow they are asking us to come in over the weekend to unpack and get settled. Work on Saturday??? Yuk!

I got excited today when I saw the FedEx truck pull up in front of the house. I knew it was my replacement parts from Van's, but what I didn' t know is that Van's had shipped the wrong part. Ugh. Oh well, rather than do nothing, I started on the center section.

I had ordered a new F-779 Skin (left) and a new F-712B bulkhead, but when I opened the box, I found I was shipped an F-711B. Oh well, mistakes happen and a quick call to Van's has the correct part being shipped today.

First order of business was to fabricate the F-916C Spacers. After all the fabricating I have done so far, these are easy.

Next I turned my attention towards modifying the F-716 ribs as called for in the plans. I enlarged the hole in four of the ribs to 1.5" using the fly cutter.

I don't know what value this picture provides, but oh well. Here are the two left ribs and two right ribs after drilling the holes.

I then used a cut-off disk in my Dremel tool to make the cuts connecting the holes. I then took off the rough edges with the sanding drum also in the Dremel.

The plans only call for the two inner most ribs to be modified to install and remove the control column, but I like a lot of other builders, decided to modify all four inner ribs to allow easier access to the entire control column. To do so, I had to fabricate two more F-716B Seat Rib Access Plates from some scrap .063. I traced the kit provided one on some scrap, cut them out and then match-drilled the new ones using the originals as a guide.

I then marked the ribs for cutting, and clecoed and match drilled the Access Plates. The picture shows the Plates being held to the ribs with 3/32" clecoes, but after the picture was taken, I enlarged the outside holes to #19.

Here are the ribs after cutting. Remember to save and number the pieces so that you can match them back to the ribs they were cut from. Ok, that was enough for today.