<October 13, 2007>

Aft Fuse Riveting Issues

After thinking about my rivet issues of the other night I decided that several of the rivets needed to be replaced. Since the tailwheel will mount in this area, this area will undoubtedly see a lot of stress, and I was concerned that these rivets may work their way loose over time. Who know's if this will happen, but I am fastidious about these things and I can't let things like this go. Unfortunately, maybe I should have left well enough alone.

I drilled out and replaced the offending rivets, but unfortunately the replacement rivets didn't set any better than the originals, in fact they were worse. Ugh! I think the dimples were too large to begin with, and drilling the rivets out didn't help. After drilling out the rivets the second time, things really weren't looking good. The holes weren't ragged or egg-shaped, but they were stretched. It was at this point that I started to get VERY frustrated and to be honest, a little down on myself. Rather than continue the madness, I decided to walk away and come back tomorrow.