<October 8, 2007>

Deburring Day 4

I had the day off from work so after getting some errands out of the way, I headed out to the shop for another round of deburring. I thought I only had a little bit of work left, but I guess not. I started by cleaning and priming the j-stiffeners, then I deburred the fuselage side skins, but I ended the day with the bottom skin still left to deburr and all the dimpling on the skins still on the to-do list.

I picked up my Tailwheel mount from the powder coater today. Maas Brothers did a great job. It looks fantastic and only cost me $20 for them to prime and coat it!

Off came the blue plastic and out came the deburring tool. Holy cow these skins have a lot of holes. Keeping the blue plastic on while I did the edge-finishing really seemed to help cut down on the small scratches.

My weapon of choice for deburring - A Skil cordless screwdriver and a deburring bit from Cleveland Aircraft tool. Small, light and effective.

I was having a hard time getting some of the burrs to go away on the outside of the skins (they still felt rough to the touch). Maybe it was the direction that the skins were punches, but to solve the roughness I decided to use some Scotchbrite on the holes. It worked well, and I don't care about the marks on the outside of the skins since the plane will be painted anyway.

I stopped at Lowe's this morning and came across this big inflatable lawn ornament for Christmas; I just had to buy it. It lights up at night and the prop spins... how cool. The best part is -- It's a taildragger!!!