<September 10, 2007>

Drilled Canopy Decks

Tonight I drilled the F-721B Canopy Decks to the longerons, which ended up being a lot easier that I thought it would be. It is that I thought it would be difficult, but I had thought I would probably have to do some adjusting of the longeron bends to get them to line up with the edge of the canopy decks. While the match wasnít perfect, I didnít really have to do any adjusting other than holding them aligned with my fingers or a clamp while drilling. This was great news, as it validated that I had bent the longerons correctly. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

To start, I clamped some scrap .032 from the wing trim bundle to the outside of the longeron to simulate the fuselage skin and aligned the aft deck with the outside edge before drilling. I held it in place by hand and drilled the first hole, then the second, and worked my way aft inserting a cleco in every hole. Ok, I lied; I used a clamp in one location to help me keep the parts aligned. This wasnít because I needed the pressure of a clamp, but rather that I needed a third hand to hold it all together while I drilled.

One side done. Here you can see the how I clamped the .032 to the longeron. Since I knew I would be deburring the edge of the canopy decks, I probably went a few thousandths over the edge, as I can always remove a little bit more material, but I canít add any.

Both are done. 45 minutes for the first, 20 for the second. How typical.