<September 9, 2007>

Longeron Bending - Part IV

Back at the bending again today. I actually sort of surprised myself tonight by completing the job much quick that I thought I would. Before starting, I had compared the longeron to the paper template and thought, “This one needs a lot of work”, but after only a few small adjustments things improved greatly. Cool! Most of my time was spent performing small tweaks to get the unwanted bend and/or twist out, and making sure the two longerons matched each other somewhat closely.

There are some flat spots, some areas of sharper bend than others, there is still a slight twist and they aren’t perfectly flat, but they are within spec and from what I have heard from several other builders they don’t have to be absolutely perfect. Rather than drive myself nuts trying to improve things further, I am calling it quits here (for now) and we will just see how it all comes together.

The look pretty well matched to me. There are some slight differences, but nothing big enough to worry about.

Not much I can say here. They look pretty good, and they are relatively flat and twist free. If I had to do this again, I am sure I could do it better and quicker, but these are certainly good enough for now.