<August 30, 2007>

Longeron Bending - Part II

One longeron down, one to go. Bending these things is a little frustrating, but you soon get the feel for it and it gets easier fairly quickly. I am not thrilled with the results of the first one, it could be better, but I think it is good enough and I am going to stop messing with it for now. Depending on how the second one goes, I make tweak this one a little, but I just want to move on for now.

To bend this I did exactly as the instruction said, I clamped it in a vise and smacked it with a rubber hammer while pre-loading it (pulling/pushing it in the desired bend direction). It twists and bends in other directions but you just have to be patient and take the twist and unwanted bend out bit by bit. To remove the unwanted bend I did as the instructions said to do, I rotated it 90° and clamped it in the vice. I then slid some ABS pipe over the end and used it as as way to keep the rest of the pipe relatively straight. For the second longeron, I'll take pictures of the process.

Close enough for now! I glued the template to some carboard and cut along the edge. You can see that it is sticking out from under the longeron about 1/4" along its length. There are some areas that have highs and some that have lows, but I am going to leave it alone for now.