<August 23, 2007>

Completed F-705 Bulkhead

I took a little family vacation and went to Oregon for a few days, which should explain my lack of progress. The irony is that it was also Vanís Homecoming weekend, but I wasnít really anywhere near Vanís so dropping by wasnít an option. We had a great time Ė you can see some pictures here if you like.

Back to airplane building Ė I finished up the F-705 bulkhead tonight and with that I am finished with the bulkheads. It took me about three months to get through these (only working and hour or so a night), and I am glad they are done. Now itís on to the longerons!

First I gave the F-705K Plate and F-705L Shims a light coat of primer (after scuffing and cleaning) before I clecoed them to the bulkhead channel.

I riveted the plate and shim to the channel first, then the F-705J Angles were riveted. Easy stuff.

All done! Ok, it isnít completely done, I still have to install the seat belt anchors, and flap bearing blocks, but those will just get in the way now so I am going to wait.