<August 16, 2007>

Began F-705 Riveting

I was tired and in a funky mood, but I knew I needed to set some rivets tonight. With that in mind, I started putting together the F-705 bulkhead and it worked, I felt better afterwards.

I started by scuffing, cleaning and priming the faying surfaces of the F-705Ds and F-705Es. A few passes with the Scotchbrite pad, a wipe down with a paper towel and acetone, a light coat of primer, and after ten minutes they were ready to rivet.

I then riveted the F-705Ds and Es together. I was careful not to rivet certain holes as called out on the plans.

Even though I havenít riveted the seat back channels and angles yet, I clecoed it all together so that I could ensure everything lined up. I started by setting this rivet on both sides. You need to do these first because the F-605Cs cover them.

After a few more minutes of riveting I had all the rivets along the bottom set, at least the ones I could set now. There are lots of holes that are left open here for future use, you need to read the plans carefully here. You may notice that I went against the rule of shop head on the thicker material here. I did this simply so all the rivets would be oriented in the same direction.