<August 13, 2007>

Rivet F-706 Bulkhead

As the title says, I started riveted the F-706 bulkhead tonight. I still have to rivet the F-705 bulkhead, but it is a bit more complicated and I knew I wouldn’t get it all done tonight, so I worked on the F-706 instead. After this I just have the 705 and 711 bulkheads left to rivet.

Ooops, I realized I had forgot to dimple and countersink the necessary holes. No big deal, it didn’t even scratch the primer.

The other day I had to make the notches in the F-730 plate, and I forgot that I had to do the same in the F-728 and F-729 rib flanges. Where has my head been lately? After marking the area, I used my Dremel tool and carbide cutter to grind out the rough area, then finished it smooth with the ˝” sanding drum. This worked great, and the snap bushing fits perfectly. I accidentally scuffed the primer with the sanding drum, but that’s the nice thing about the rattle-can primer, a quick blast with the can and it is covered again.

All riveted. I thought the rivets going up the right side (in the pic) were a bit short, so I moved up to the next length. I ended up tipping one over, but I drilled it out perfectly with no damage done.

The F-728 Rib is just clecoed into place for now, but here is the finished product. I only primed one side of the bulkhead pieces because they will be exposed in the cabin and will receive primer and paint at a later time.