<August 11, 2007>

Primed Bulkheads

Priming sucks! I feel better having got that off my chest. I got up this morning with the goal of priming the bulkheads with PPG DP48LF Epoxy, but ended up spraying them with rattle-can self etching primer. Why? Quite simply, the primer gods were conspiring against me. To start things off it was breezy today, way too breezy to spray primer in my usual spot (the driveway). I tried to set up a make shift spray booth on the side of the garage, but it didn’t help much, the wind just came over the fence and blew clouds of primer away. I managed to prime 2-3 parts with the epoxy, and I wasn’t happy with the thick splattery spray pattern I was getting, and I couldn’t seem to get the gun dialed in. It was at this point that I threw in the towel, and switched to the spray can primer. I was hoping that I could use up the last of the epoxy, but I guess not. In the end the spray can primer is so much easier and provides all the protection I really need, so the epoxy stuff today was just wasted time – oh well.

I spent about two hours this morning scrubbing and acid-etching parts in preparation for epoxy primer. In the end, the self-etching stuff got brought out, and I never looked back.