<August 9, 2007>

Miscellaneous Bulkhead Stuff

Before I prime the bulkhead I had a few miscellaneous tasks to complete. Um... let's see... yup, that's about all I can say about that.

When I drilled the snap bushing holes in theF-706B bulkhead, I did it without this (F-730) plate attaced. So I had to go back and create these notches in the F-730 to allow the snap bushings through the holes in the bulkhead. It would have been a lot easier if I had just drilled the holes while the two parts were clecoed together. Oh well, this wasn't a big deal.

All done.

While I was deburring the other night I picked up a small piece of AA6-125 angle (the same material as the longerons) and fit tested it in the notches on the sides of the bulkheads. It didn't fit! A quick email to my friend Chad confirmed that he had to enlarge the notches as well and he suggested I do it now, so I did. I only had to remove a tiny bit of material before the angle would fit.

My in-laws have been visiting us, and the baby, for a few weeks. I decided to put him to work scrubbing parts in preparation for priming. Thanks for the help George.