<August 8, 2007>

Bulkhead Deburring Complete

Alright, it is good to have this all behind me. I am on target for priming on Saturday, assuming the weather cooperates. I don't have to worry about rain or humidity, but it can be too hot or too windy to spray primer. The forecast looks good, I just hope the weather man gets it right this time.

I took advantage of a summer sale at Brown Tools to pick up a few things which were delivered today. The spring tension clamps were $1 off each, and the air vacuum was down to $18 from $38. I couldn't pass up a deal like that.

All done with the bulkheads! All I have to do now is scrub and clean them, then etch, then prime. Sounds like fun right? Not! There are more parts on the shelves above, but they are exposed in the cabin and won't get primed right now. Oops, I just noticed that I missed a label.