<August 5, 2007>

F-710, F-712 Bulkheads & More

Back at it today... Finally! Nothing too exciting today, I spent a bunch of time cleaning and organizing the shop and I finished up drilling the bulkheads and then I started the very unpleasant task of deburring all the pieces that have been piling up over the past few weeks. Yuk! My plan is to have everything deburred by next weekend so that I can perform a big priming session.

My old laptop died a few months ago, and I was really tired of not having intenet access in the shop, so this week I caved and bought a new one. No more running into the house and upstairs to my desktop PC every time I have a construction question. In addition, I can now access all the CDs I ripped to my desktop PC. I found an amazing deal -- A full featured laptop with a Pentium dual core processor, 15.4" screen, 1GB RAM, a DVD Burner, built in wireless, and Windows Vista Home Premium for $480... what a sweet deal!

I had a helper in the shop for a while. OK, so she isn't much help, but she sure is cute.

First I fabricated the F-710B Angle and drilled it to the F-710 Bulkhead.

Next, I drilled the F-712 Bulkhead pieces together. To avoid a mistake later, I went ahead and deburred and dimped the holes now.

To allow the elevator pushrod to pass through it, I cut the the F-711 Bulkhead with the band saw.

Yuk, deburring. I only got a few parts done before being called in for dinner, but it's a start.