<July 22, 2007>

Began F-711 Bulkhead

I leave for Airventure tomorrow, so between getting packed and doing some chores around the house, I started the F-711 bulkhead. Chad Jensen and I are camping in Camp Scholler for a few days -- it should be a blast! I'm sure I'll have lots of good pics to share when I return.

First I clecoed the two halves of the F-711 bulkhead together, then I went on a 20 minute hunt for the square I knew I had just seen minutes ago.

After wasting 20 minutes searching for it, I found the sqare under the F-711 Bulkhead I had just clecoed. D'oh!

I cut, tapered and drilled the F-711C Bars as instructed by the plans, and clecoed and clamped them in place on the bulkhead assembly in preparation for drilling.


I then cut and shaped the F-711D Angle.

I hope I understood the plans correctly, but I clamped the angle in place making sure the top of the angle was aligned with the top of bulkhead.

Looks good so far. Ok, I am off to Airventure, or as my friend Will Wommack (RV-7) likes to call it, OshVegas!!! See you in a week.