<July 18, 2007>

Began F-706 Bulkhead

Onto the next bulkhead, the F-706. The first thing I did was to fabricate the F-729C, F-729B and F-728B Angles from angle stock provided. I then drilled the holes in the locations perscribed by the plans. Ironically, I am so accustomed to fabricating two of everything I first cut two sections of angle for the F-729C before I realize only one was needed.

To get the angle of 88.5 degrees, I simply did was my friend Mike Bullock did, I squeezed the angle in a vice. I worked great!

Next on the list was to flange and flute. To make it easier on myself down the road, I deburred the edges that were to be fluted before I fluted them, but only the areas that were to be fluted. Does that make any sense?

In preparation for drilling, I clamped all the pieces of the F-729 Bellcrank Rib and F-728 Bellcrank Channel together. Before I drilled the F-729 and angle, I realize that I had the angle oriented incorrectly (as seen in the pic). I had the face that was drilled (one hole) facing up, instead of facing the rib. I'm calling it quits for the night, but I will switch it around before I drill it.