<July 17, 2007>

Miscellaneous F-705 Work

I had a few miscellaneous tasks to take care of on various F--705 parts. Just your basic drilling and a little bit of coutersinking is all, nothing too complicated. After tonight, all I will have to do on the F-705 bulkhead is to deburr, prime and rivet. Rather than do it now, I am going to wait until all the bulkheads are done and do all the deburring and priming in one big ugly hairy batch.

First, I drilled the cable and wire holes in the F-705A. According to the plans, one of the holes is for manual trim, and the other is for wiring. I am going with electric trim, but I thought I would just drill the second hole for long term wiring flexibility.

Next I countersunk the required holes in the F-605 bars (pictured). I had to use my deburring bit to do it, but it came out just fine. I then countersunk the F-705K plates (not pictured).