<July 15, 2007>

Shop Reorganization

Wow, a entire week has passed and I haven't touched the project... that sucks! The reason is simple, I've been busy installing a shed in my backyard so that I can move some stuff out of the garage, in the process making more room in which I can build the fuselage. The good news is, it's done. The shed is installed, the stuff has been moved and I now have a lot more room -- mission accomplished!

Yup, it's a shed. At 8'x5', it is small as sheds go, but I was able to move two big shelf units into it and all the stuff on the shelves, and I still have room left over. While it is a plastic shed, it isn't your ordinary plastic shed. It has really thick double-wall construction, lots of powder coated steel parts including steel roof trusses, metal door hinges with gap seals, a window that opens, a slick spring tensioned latch system, skylights and a built in light. I am very impressed with it's quality, and pleased with my decision to buy it. Besides, it fits the space perfectly, although I am not so sure Sonoma is too happy giving up some of her potty space.

The wings now occupy the space where the shelves were -- what an improvement!