<July 1, 2007>

F-705 Parts Fabrication

Back at it again today. July is turning out to be just as busy as June, and I have several other projects cooking.

I've been thinking about my space situation in the garage -- I am running out of it. With the wings in the cradle, and a large 8'x3' worktable in the shop (garage), space to build the fuselage is limited, and I really don't like feeling cramped. Well, after some thought I decided that the best way to solve the problem is to put a shed behind the garage so that I can move some of our household storage out there. The plan is to move all the stuff I have on two shelf units along the back wall of the garage to the shed, allowing me to then roll my wings into the space previously occupied by the shelves.

What does this have to do with airplane construction? Very little, but it has been sucking away my time simply because I've been busy getting ready for the shed by installing the necessary foundation. In addition, I've started a project that I have been putting off for a long while, staining the fence. Anyway, both projects will take time away from airplane construction, but they need to be done.

Anywhooo, enough whining! Tonight I spent some time locating and fabricating the various parts needed to complete the F-705 bulkhead.

Update: Read my July 8th page for some notes on the F-705Gs (towards the bottom of the page).

Here they all are; I got F-705Gs, F-705Ls, F-705Ks and F-705Js. The Gs took the longest to fabricate and really put a strain on my band saw and disc sander. I marked and drilled the F-705J Angles according to the plans.