<June 26, 2007>

F-705 Fabrication

It feels good to be back in the shop. I started working on the F-705 stuff tonight. There are a bunch of things to fabricate.

I started the night by trimming the F-705B to length and drawing a line down its center.

I then got out the F-605C Bar Doublers, marked them and trimmed them to length. I would suggest NOT trimming these right now, read on you will see why.

Next I used my band saw to taper the inboard ends of the F-605Cs.

Moving on to the F-705Hs. It took me while to find the material for this, but I finally located it in Bag 1982. My little 9" band saw got a work out tonight, and I probably need to replace the blade now.

I then place it all together centered on the F-705A bulkhead. It is just sitting on the bulkhead, aligned with the holes so that I can check the fit. Hmmm... I have a small issue.

With everything aligned where it should be, the F-605Cs are slightly short on the outboard ends. This is the end that the rear wing spar attaches to, so edge distance on the rear spar bolts is critical. We are only talking a tiny amount here, so I doubt I will have an issue, but if I had to do this again (the F-605Cs), I would locate and drill the inboard rivet hole first, then trim the outboard end to size once it the entire part located correctly and drilled.